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Salesforce – How To Debug Workflow Rules

The Twitter #askforce hashtag is an awesome resource for all Salesforce folks.  You learn something everyday by looking at the questions and solutions.  The other day, someone was asking for a way to debug Workflow rules.An easy way to check … [Read more]

Salesforce – Recording Activity History on Workflow Email Alerts

Currently in Salesforce, there is no way to automatically record the 'history' of emails that are sent out via workflow triggers.  In many industries (e.g. Healthcare), there are strict compliance reasons why these emails should be recorded against … [Read more]

Salesforce – “No Apex Classes Found”?

I am working with a bunch of Apex classes that are scheduled in our Salesforce Production Org, which in turn run other Apex classes.When any changes are made to the classes that are bring run through the Scheduler, Salesforce requires that all … [Read more]

Agile Projects and Business Analysts

The role of Business Analysts (BAs) in software development is quite often ignored in Agile projects.  The role of the Business Analyst is changing in today's Agile world and the need for BA skills (especially for Agile Practitioners) is even greater … [Read more]

The Agile Sweet Spot

An acquaintance, who is managing a software development team was wondering whether to adopt Agile or not, since they were following the 'traditional' approach for a long time...The team wanted to know how to determine whether the time is ripe for … [Read more]

ASP.NET MVC – Facebook Authentication using DotNetOpenAuth

Integrating an external Open Auth provider like Facebook inside an ASP.NET MVC application will go a long way in making it easier for users to be authenticated.  This mitigates the requirement for the website user to create and maintain yet another … [Read more]

Finding Duplicates in List using LINQ

I was recently asked to come up with an extension to List<string> which returns a list of strings that are duplicated within a given original list.  If there are no duplicates, a List<string> with zero items should be returned.  … [Read more]

WordPress on Amazon Web Services (Part 3)

In Part-1 and Part-2 of this series, we looked at how to sign up for a free EC2 instance on Amazon AWS.  We also looked at getting an Elastic IP, mapping it to a domain name and accessing the EC2 instance via SSH.  We also looked at how to secure the … [Read more]

WordPress on Amazon Web Services (Part 2)

In Part-1 of this series, I showed how to sign up for a free EC2 micro instance on Amazon AWS. I also showed how to get your Elastic IP address and map it to your domain name.  We also looked at how to access the running EC2 instance via SSH from the … [Read more]

WordPress on Amazon Web Services (Part 1)

After about a month of playing with Amazon Web Services (AWS), I now have this blog running smoothly in the cloud. The blog is economical to operate 24/7 and the performance is simply awesome!  Agreed, you can get your own blog at WordPress.com and … [Read more]

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